In the Hay Field

In the Hay Field

Charles N. Parker was a commercial photographer from Morristown, New Jersey who operated a studio there beginning in 1885. Parker died in 1898. Author Gary D. Saretzky contributes the following on Parker which was included in his overview of Nineteenth Century New Jersey photographers written in 2004:

Due to health problems, Charles N. Parker gave up a career as a farmer in Perry, New York, and opened a photography studio in Morristown by 1885; assisted by his sons, he remained active until about 1896. (166)  After Charles N. Parker died in 1898, his sons William C. and Lewis C. Parker continued the business as The Parker Studio. From 1918 to 1930, the brothers were located in a beautiful building at 29-31 South Street that they designed; according to a magazine editor, it was from an artistic viewpoint . . . probably unsurpassed by any studio in the country.     (1.)  167

This hand-pulled photogravure by Parker was done by the Alley-Allen Press, located at 309 and 311 East Twenty-second street, New York City.  Only one month earlier, Alley-Allen had been under the incorporation of the George M. Allen Company until the Allen company’s business  relationship was dissolved due to the rent not being paid by May of 1893. (source: The American Stationer, Vol. 33: May 11, 1893)

1. excerpt: Nineteenth Century New Jersey Photographers-Revision of illustrated article in New Jersey History, Fall/Winter 2004: by Gary D. Saretzky (167: Portrait, 10 no. 10 (February 1919)

In the Hay Field

Image Dimensions10.1 x 16.3 cm | published June 23, 1893 | issue No. 614

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