The Court of Honor. Columbian Exposition.

The Court of Honor. Columbian Exposition.

Editorial comment on this plate:

We take especial pleasure in presenting our readers this week with a photograph made in the World’s Fair by the official photographer, Mr. C.D. Arnold, and specially selected for illustrating The Photographic Times. It is one of the most beautiful views in the entire Exposition grounds, showing as it does the magnificent Administration Building in the “Court of Honor,” as it is called, the beautiful Columbian fountain by Frederick MacMonnies, and just enough of the surroundings to give the observer a good idea of the beauties of the place.
The Administration Building has properly been pronounced “The gem of all the architectural jewels of the Exposition.” It cost $435,000, which is greater than any of its neighbors considering its size. It occupies the finest position on the Exposition grounds, overlooking the Grand Basin and facing French’s lofty statue of the Republic. Its gilded dome may be seen far out on the lake by day, and at a great distance from the grounds by night, as it is illuminated by electric lights every evening.
The entire “Court of Honor” is a marvel of beauty. The Grand Basin and Canals, lively with the swiftly moving electric launches and graceful gondolas; the artistic bridges spanning the canals; noble statuary at every hand, and the impressive fronts of many of the larger buildings, together make the place a veritable paradise for the photographer.
Our photograph is from an 11 x 14 plate made by Mr. Arnold with his American Optical Co’s. camera with the Swift lens on a Cramer plate. The picture is a copyrighted one, as indeed, are all of Mr. Arnold’s photographs, and will be shown in no other photographic magazine. We congratulate our readers and ourselves on obtaining this fine photograph of the World’s Fair.


center engraved below image on plate:

The Court of Honor. Columbian Exposition.

From a Copyrighted Negative by C.D. Arnold, Official Photographer at the World’s Fair.


Charles Dudley Arnold: 1844-1927

The Court of Honor. Columbian Exposition.

Image Dimensions15.2 x 20.3 cm | published September 22, 1893 | issue No. 627

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