In the Tyrolese Alps

In the Tyrolese Alps

Editorial comments on this plate:

Mr. W. J. Stillman has told our readers so much about art, ancient and modern, true and false, we feel sure that in showing them a reproduction from one of his own specimens of actual art work we are satisfying a very natural and proper curiosity.
The photo-gravure is from a film negative of Mr. Stillman’s little picture, and, of course gives a photographer only the composition, the light and the shade. The beauty of color is entirely lost, and, as a consequence, the photo-gravure is but a poor reproduction of the actual picture. But it shows that Mr. Stillman can paint as well as write, and it is because he can paint so well that he can write; though, as he himself says in his recent article on “Ancient and Modern Art,” “I never knew an artist to take to literature without ruining his art.”
In the same article Mr. Stillman says of himself that he has “been painting more or less for more than forty years and writing for the papers— indeed I edited an art journal at one time which received considerable approbation from many of our best writers and artists of the last generation, as well as some of England, including Ruskin, and in the green stages of my development I wrote a great deal of rubbish for which I hope to atone before I die.”
The little picture from which our photo-gravure was made was painted from nature in the Dolomitic Alps, Austrian Tyrol. It was painted some time ago. Mr. Stillman paints very little now, his time being so fully occupied with his literary work.
The negative is reproduced by the New York Photo-Gravure Company with their usual taste and skill.

engraved: upper left corner outside margin: Photographic Times, (C)

In the Tyrolese Alps

Image Dimensions13.8 x 9.5 cm | published September 26, 1890 | issue No. 471

Support Dimensions28.7 x 20.5 cm