Sachuest Point

Sachuest Point

Editorial comments on this plate:

We present our readers, this week, with an unusually fine surf picture. It is from a negative by Mr. Henry R. Taylor, an amateur of New York. “Sachuest Point,” writes Mr. Taylor, “is the south-eastern extremity of Newport Island, about four miles from the city of Newport. On the day I took the picture, a heavy fog had been present all the morning, but cleared off at about one o’clock. As the surf was particularly fine, and I had been waiting for such an opportunity all summer, I decided to attempt to take this view. On my way to the point the clouds began to get blacker and blacker, and soon drops of rain fell, which turned into a steady down-pour. But as I was within half a mile of my destination I kept on.
When I reached the point, as good luck would have it, the rain stopped for ten minutes, just long enough to set up my camera and make half a dozen exposures, of which this one turned out the best.”
The negative was made one year ago last September, on a Cramer “70” plate, with a Ross Rectilinear lens, and was developed with an “ordinary” pyro developer.
The reproduction is by F. Gutekunst, of Philadelphia.

Sachuest Point

Image Dimensions14.0 x 19.0 cm | published November 14, 1890 | issue No. 478

Support Dimensions20.5 x 28.7 cm