In The Woods

In The Woods

Editorial Comment for this plate:

In The Woods.”

THE charming bit of nature, which embellishes our journal this week in photogravure, was discovered by Mr. Clarence M. Fowler’s discerning eye on an outing with his camera near the Delaware Water Gap, N. J. It was photographed about noon on a rather hazy day, which accounts for the softness and soothing atmospheric effect of the quiet scene. The sheet of water partly shown in the picture is Lake Leiup. The pleasing composition of the view speaks for itself. Mr. Fowler, the author of the picture, is an amateur photographer who thinks more of the art side than the scientific technicalities of photography. He is a member of the New York Tile Club, an amateur art association in which photography frequently plays a conspicuous part. The picture was made on a Carbutt Special plate, with a Beck lens. (p. 115)

Clarence Mervin Fowler:   1861-1944

Mr. Fowler’s obituary stated that he was “one of New Jersey’s pioneer real estate developers and credited with having originated many of the seashore bungalow colonies that in later years became thriving communities”…The Atlantic Highlands Journal, January 6, 1944


In The Woods

Image Dimensions11.4 x 19.2 cm Published as frontis plate for March 8, 1889 issue

Support Dimensions20.5 x 28.6 cm