Lake Erie View

Lake Erie View

This pictorialist view may show Lake Erie, as it was purchased along with another mounted photograph showing the new Cleveland Museum of Art believed to be by the photographer C.L. White, as written in green ink on the verso of the mount. The silhouettes of two figures can be seen seated on a bench at lower left of frame.

print notes: Several tack holes in upper margin and one in lower margin of secondary mount; title of work assigned by this archive.

provenance: acquired by PhotoSeed in 2018 from reseller who stated it came from a California estate.

One reference to a Mrs. C.L. White, along with a photographic portrait published in the January, 1916 issue of Popular Photography magazine. (p. 188)

Lake Erie View

Image Dimensions9.2 x 13.2 cm

Support Dimensions10.2 x 13.9 | 19.0 x 19.9 cm (beige art paper primary: olive/manilla card-stock secondary)