Ode XIX ❉ | Anacreon

PhotographerEmma Justine Farnsworth

CountryUnited States


VolumeIn Arcadia

AtelierGeorge M. Allen & Co. (New York City)


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Allegorical, Children, Fashion, Flowers, Genre: Children, Genre: Women, Motherhood, Mythology, Nudes, Paths


Image Dimensions: 20.1 x 14.1 cm | 16.8 x 11.9 cm (spot-glued on four corners to support, with entire tissue gravure shown)
Support Dimensions: 29.7 x 25.0 cm Bristol paper leaf

❉ note to reader: letterpress attribution states ODE XIX although this may be in error. Rather, ODE XX is believed to be correct translated ode.

The following poem by Greek poet Anacreon (582 BC – 485 BC) accompanies this photograph in volume pagination:

One day the Muses twined the hands
Of baby Love with flowery bands,
And to celestial Beauty gave
The captive infant as her salve,
His mother comes with many a toy,
To ransom her beloved boy;
His mother sues, but all in vain,
He ne’er will leave his chains again.
Nay, should they take his chains away,
The little captive still would stay;
“If this,” he cries, “a bondage be,
Who could wish for liberty?”

This image a variant of the Emma Justine Farnsworth photograph known as “Cupid”: reproduced: The American Amateur Photographer: November, 1893.

Ode XIX   ❉ | Anacreon