On the Danube

PhotographerNichol Elliot

ArtistAlice Elliot

CountryEngland, Scotland


VolumeSome Memories of a Scottish Photographer

AtelierThe Vandyck Printers Ltd. (Bristol & London)


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Boats, Buildings, Landscape, Rivers, Rowboat


Image Dimensions: 12.4 x 19.1 | 13.0 x 19.9 cm glued along top margin
Support Dimensions: 19.0 x 24.8 cm

The following poem by Alice Elliot appears full-page opposite this photograph by Nichol Elliot, On the Danube:


Dürnstein in Sunshine.

HOW soft on tow’r and wall the summer glow, ⎯
Dear townlet ⎯smiling like a sunlit dream
“Twixt pyramid of crag and swirling stream, ⎯
Deep mirrored in the Danube’s lucid flow,
Such walled and sunny nook of “long ago”
As dwells in golden peace ⎯an artist’s theme,
Though earth with death and desolation teem
Beyond the crags, beyond the flood below.


Warm smile ye welcome home to halcyon days,
O sunshine places treasured of the heart,
Life’s integral, unlost, eternal part
And inmost realm, where, reached by shining ways,
Our golden joys, no wavering image fleet, ⎯
Dwell sunlight citadelled the soul to greet.

On the Danube