Rainbow Pool Fountain & Washington Monument

Rainbow Pool Fountain & Washington Monument

Designed by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., “the fountain for this pool was designated the “Rainbow Fountain” in October 1924, when during a trial run just before its dedication a rainbow formed above the fountain’s spray. Operating with 124 nozzles arranged in an elliptical pattern near the outer edge of the pool, and with two clusters of nine north and south of the center, the fountain made a “hazy vista”. (1.)

Originally situated between the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool (to the west), and 17th Street NW, (to the east) the fountain and reflecting pool was integrated into the National World War II Memorial in 2001. With the original source negative for this photograph taken in daylight, the photographer has manipulated the image-darkening the sky to make the fountain jets stand out against the backdrop of the Washington Monument.

Print notes: photograph ca. 1925-30

1. National Park Service: Cultural Landscape Report-Lincoln Memorial Grounds-undated pdf document-p. 35

Rainbow Pool Fountain & Washington Monument

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