Reveries of a Bachelor

Reveries of a Bachelor

This “flashlight” photograph was taken in November, 1921 by Leo Kraft and is believed to show his second son, Edward L. Kraft,  (b. 1919) who like his father, grew up to become a mechanical engineer.  (1.)

Reveries of a Bachelor was reproduced as a halftone in the June, 1921 issue of American Photography, along with detailed technical background which follows:

Senior Competition

The second prize was given to Leo Kraft for “Reveries of a Bachelor.” an interestingly arranged and well exposed flashlight interior. The title adds a humorous touch to the excellent print. Made with a 5 x 7 Seneca View camera fitted with 8-inch R. R. lens. The exposure was made in Ohio at 7.30 P. M. in November, at f: 11. One-quarter of a spoonful of Victor powder was used in the fireplace and one-half spoonful in a flashbag to light the room. The portrait film was developed with pyro soda and enlarged on Thick White Smooth Wellington Bromide. (2.)

written on mount verso: Winter 1922
note: This date would seem to be in error since photograph was reproduced the year before.

1. Edward L. Kraft: lived in Elizabeth, New Jersey: source: 1940 U.S. Census. He married the former Sue Cox on Nov. 18, 1952 in Dallas, Texas and they later moved to New York City, where he was stationed as a lieutenant in the U. S. Navy Reserves. Kraft was a graduate of Thomas Jefferson High school in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and the College of Engineering at Rutgers University where he was a member of Tau-Beta-Pi. Source: Mexia (TX) Daily News wedding announcement: November 30, 1952.
2. Senior Competition: in: American Photography: Boston: June, 1921: p.340.  This photograph won second prize for the April, 1921 Senior Competition sponsored by American Photography magazine.  A halftone photograph of the image is reproduced in the same issue on p. 303.

Reveries of a Bachelor

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