Rusthall Quarry

PhotographerHenry Peach Robinson



PortfolioKodak Portfolio: Souvenir of the Eastman Photographic Exhibition 1897

AtelierJames Craig Annan (Glasgow)


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Geology, Landscape


Image Dimensions: 12.3 x 9.2 cm : Plate No. 1
Support Dimensions: 23.1 x 15.2 cm

The following account is provided on separate letterpress along with photographic plate:

“In response to a request for a note upon his picture, Mr. H. P. Robinson kindly writes as follows:
“This little known but very picturesque dell is part of the beautiful Rusthall Common, near Tunbridge Wells, of which it is part.  Although it is most accessible it is so hidden in the hollow between the rocks of the disused quarry and some rising ground and tall trees, that few lovers of the picturesque find their way into it.  For thirty years it has been a happy hunting-ground that almost seemed my own, both for photography and natural history.  I feel ashamed of appropriating so much beauty to myself, and should be glad to see other photographers at work in it.  There are plenty of subjects for all.”
We think no one can fail to recognize in this picture a delightful effect of a kind which is associated in our minds with many beautiful old engravings.
The negative was taken with a No. 4 Cartridge Kodak.

Rusthall Quarry