Study in Posing

Study in Posing

It is difficult to determine who actually took this photograph since the credit for it simply states on the support by Reutlinger, Paris. This was the common attribution practice for the studio at the time, since it was the Reutlinger name itself that was important-even though more than one photographer worked at high volume establishments such as this one.  Since the business was taken over by Léopold-Emile Reutlinger (1863 – 1937) from his father Emile Reutlinger in 1890 however, we consider it only fair and assign him credit for Reutlinger studio work on this site taken after 1890. The studio was originally founded by Emile’s brother Charles Reutlinger in 1850.

On page #469, the editors of the August issue of the Photographic Times-Bulletin supplied the following for this Reutlinger photograph titled Study in Posing as well as other portraits reproduced in the issue:

For the benefit of our lady readers we reproduce in this issue a number of photographs from the studio of Reutlinger, the noted fashionable photographer of Paris. For many years it has been the thing to have your portrait made by this famous artist, and nearly all the notables of Europe have posed for M. Reutlinger. His studio is one of the show places of the Parisian capital, the walls lined with finely-executed portraits and the various rooms filled with exquisite furniture and priceless works of art.
It will be noted that Reutlinger does not agree with the ideas of the modern pictorialist relative to the suppression of detail, but believes that the fair sex deem their gowns equal in importance to their charming faces, and while we may not agree with him, we are pleased to reproduce these examples of his work for general inspection.


titled within lower plate impression:

“Study in Posting.”
by Reutlinger, Paris.

Study in Posing

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