The Always Welcome Gift ⎯ A Kodak

Photographer Unknown

CountryUnited States

MediumGelatin Silver

EphemeraAdvertising Matter

AtelierEastman Kodak Company (Rochester, N.Y.)


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Advertising, Beards, Flashlight photograph, Furniture, Genre: Men, Interiors, Men: Leisure Time, Photography


Image Dimensions: 49.3 x 39.8 cm
Support Dimensions: 49.3 x 39.8 x .5 cm thick, masonite-type backing board flush-cut to print

This uncommon Kodak advertising photograph suffered indignity for many years hidden inside a picture frame, its’ surface marred by paper from another artwork bonding to the print before being rescued and rediscovered sometime before 2013 by a Rochester, New York area dealer.


Taken by an unknown photographer working for the Eastman Kodak Company, it was used as part of a print advertising campaign during the 1915 Christmas holiday season.


Typically seen hand-colored and slightly cropped in print, the scene shows a young man in the background leaning against an “illuminated” fireplace hearth while another model playing his bearded father sits back in his chair while inspecting the gift of a new Kodak camera, removed from its’ box seen on the small side table in foreground.



Published: 1915: December: The American Review of Reviews: advertising section: full-page advertisement with large halftone of this image. Ad copy reads:


The gift that keeps the picture story of every youthful interest-School days and sports, the winter and summer outings, the city boy’s trip to the country and the country boy’s trip to the city. In all these there is fun in the picture taking and afterwards both fun and satisfaction in possession.

Catalog of Kodaks and Brownies, free at your dealer’s or by mail.

EASTMAN KODAK CO., Rochester, N.Y., The Kodak City. (p. 91)


-Scribner’s Magazine: December. Scribner’s Magazine Advertiser, p. 47

-The Anchor: December 22: The photograph reproduced as a woodcut advertisement in the student newspaper for Hope College in Holland, MI. Ad copy slightly different than Scribner’s; stating Kodaks could be purchased at Haan Brothers: “Our Christmas stock of Kodaks and Brownies is particularly complete. Let us show you. All prices, $1.25 to $40.00.

-Canada Monthly: December.  p. 117


1916: Motion Picture Magazine: January. Full-page advertisement on inside front cover, with the halftone photograph tinted blue.

-Incomplete list: this photograph likely used in multiple publications, including newspapers not listed here.



Print details, recto: unconserved: yellow staining to highlights and surface damage to print with the adherence of paper residue done by contact with another artwork inside picture frame; photograph bonded to thick (.5cm) backing board with tape residue to verso.



Provenance: acquired by this archive in June, 2013 from a dealer near Rochester, N.Y. who originally purchased it from the Rochester estate of an early Kodak employee.

The Always Welcome Gift ⎯ A Kodak