The Daguerre Memorial

The Daguerre Memorial

Editorial comment on this plate:

Last week we announced the decision of the Memorial Committee in regard to the design for the Daguerre monument, promising to speak at greater length of the movement this week, and tell our readers more about the memorial design itself.
We therefore take especial pleasure in showing our readers a photo-gravure of the sculptor’s own sketch of the design.
Mr. J. S. Hartley, of New York, as was announced last week, has been appointed the official sculptor, and the design shown in this number of The Photographic Times was formally accepted. It shows Daguerre crowned by Fame with the laurel which reaches around the globe; appropriately emblematic of the world-wide benefit which photography has been to mankind. The portrait of Daguerre is from an original Daguerreotype furnished Mr. Hartley by Mr. Cramer. The monument, when completed, will stand eleven feet high. The pedestal and the globe will be of granite; the head of Daguerre, in bronze.
It is to cost six thousand dollars, nearly half of which amount, we understand, has already been raised. There are sixty subscription books out, containing one hundred receipts each, for subscriptions of one dollar. These books are in the hands of the various photographic journals, merchants, and manufacturers; and at the convention next summer, the amounts raised by those who have been given these books, will be announced We say for ourselves, that the subscriptions have come into this office much faster than could be expected under the circumstances, as photographers naturally have greater expenses at the beginning of the new year, and business is usually not quite so brisk then as at other times. We invite all those of our readers who have not yet subscribed, to send in their dollar to us, for which we will send them a numbered receipt and acknowledge the subscription in our columns. Amounts larger than one dollar will of course be accepted and duly acknowledged. All are invited to participate.
The monument will be finished in time for unveiling at the convention next summer, in Washington. It will be placed in the Smithsonian Institute of that city.
The general committee having this matter in charge is last year’s Executive Committee of the Photographers’ Association of America, namely, H. McMichael, G. M. Carlisle, O. P. Scott, J. M. Appleton and George H. Hastings.
There are local committees in various cities, the New York committee, being J. Wells Champney, chairman, Edward L. Wilson, Ph.D., Doctor Arthur H. Elliott, W. I. Lincoln Adams, and H. Littlejohn, Treasurer. The other committees will be announced next week.

Jonathan Scott Hartley: 1845-1912

The Daguerre Memorial

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