The Naval Review

PhotographerErnest Edwards


MediumPhotogravure: Text

JournalThe Photographic Times: 1893: June-December

AtelierN.Y. Photogravure Company (New York City)


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Boats, Cityscape, Harbors, Marine, Multiples, sailboats, Smoke, Supports


Image Dimensions: 19.0 x 23.3 cm (plate marks) | published August 11, 1893 | issue No. 621
Support Dimensions: 28.8 x 21.1 cm

Editorial comment on this plate:

Our illustration this week is a collection of instantaneous photographs taken during the recent naval review in this city. Mr. E. Edwards was particularly fortunate in securing some good pictures, which will serve also as mementos of this memorable event. They are reproduced by the Photogravure Co.

The Naval Review