Tree Study

Tree Study

This tree study showing evidence of banding  on the lower part of the trunks along with attached birdhouses higher up the trees was taken by amateur photographer Thomas Pitlak, (1896-1943) whose occupation is listed as a pharmacist’s assistant working for druggist C.J. McCloskey in Jersey City, New Jersey on his 1917 U.S. WWI draft registration card.

Pitlak was an early student at the Clarence H. White School of Photography, with records stating he attended in 1914, 1919 & 1920 and was on the class list for the 1918-19 term. He additionally was associated with the official photographer of Hudson County, New Jersey.  (1.)

print details: recto: signed in graphite at lower right corner of  trimmed laid-tissue primary support : Pitlak

print details: verso: written in graphite on secondary support:

Thomas Pitlak
65 Sussex St.
Jersey City NJ


dates: Thomas Anthony Pitlak

b. Feb. 15, 1896
d. May 3, 1943

provenance: Elizabeth G. Stoltz | Florida estate; purchased 2015

1. Background: Thomas Pitlak: records held in the Warren and Margo Coville Collection in the Prints & Photographs Division at the Library of Congress compiled by Kathleen A. Erwin: source: 2015 email to this website from LC curator Verna Curtis.

Tree Study

Image Dimensions16.5 x 11.5 cm corner-glued

Support DimensionsDetail: 17.2 x 12.3 cm laid tissue paper | 35.4 x 27.8 cm cream-colored card stock