Watering his Horse

Watering his Horse

Commentary for the seventh photograph presented in the pagination for Life and Nature, Watering His Horse, similarly reproduced as the frontis plate photogravure for the 1889 volume of The American Annual of Photography and Photographic Times Almanac follows:

“Watering His Horse,” the charming child study from Mr. Geo. B. Wood’s negative, speaks for itself. Mr. Wood showed his artistic qualities by the arrangement and grouping of the children and their playthings, the old well-curb and its bucket. Not the least charm, to many eyes, is the vague yet effective background. Indeed, this picture might appropriately be offered as an illustration of Mr. Champney’s paper, “Out of Focus,” so well does the latter apply. To say that the plate itself is the work of the Photogravure Co., of New York, is enough praise, and is equivalent to saying that it is done in the very best possible style of the art.” 1.

foxing to plate

1. The American Annual of Photography and Photographic Times Almanac for 1889: Edited by C.W. Canfield: New York: Scovill Manufacturing Company: November 2, 1888: pp. 35-36

Watering his Horse

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