WINTER - Along the Hudson

PhotographerChas. A. Hellmuth

CountryUnited States



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Ice, Landscape, Rivers, Paths, Rivers, Snow, Supports


Image Dimensions: 18.5 x 24.4 cm corner glued to primary mount
Support Dimensions: 31.6 x 35.4 cm | 36.1 x 43.0 cm (window overmat)

Winter Along the Hudson (River) earned amateur photographer Charles A. Hellmuth first prize and $15.00 for the second month of the (New York) Evening Post’s Winter Camera Contest. It was reproduced along with other contest prizewinners in the February 24, 1923 edition of the newspaper.


print details verso: signed in black pen in unknown hand: 1st Prize January 1923 
New York Evening Post Winter Camera Contest


mount details recto: signed with black ink stamp: Hellmuth along with hand-drawn 23’

mount details verso: small white logo label for Pictorial Photographers of America

large white paper label with following:

WINTER- Along the Hudson. #7

Chas. A. Hellmuth
338 W. 22nd St.,
New York

73 (circled)

WINTER - Along the Hudson