Cover: Die Kunst in der Photographie

Die Kunst in der Photographie : 1905

Neunter Jahrgang: the 9th year of the Art in Photography

This online presentation of the ninth year (neunter jahrgang) volume of the photographic art journal  Die Kunst in der Photographie  (The Art in Photography) published in 1905 by Wilhelm Knapp and edited by Franz Goerke  was issued with a total of 70 plates. It was published in 4 individual issues (Heft 1-4) in art folders containing 5 loose, hand-pulled, Chine-collé photogravures and 12 or 13 loose autotypes (halftones)  individually mounted on various colored art papers. This presentation lacks only two of the autotype plates appearing in the 4th issue: Torse, and Dans la Clairière, by French photographer Paul Bergon of Paris.