The Photographic Times-Bulletin: 1904

PhotographersIgnatius Wadsworth Brock, Charles Cottrell, W.W. Cowles, J.H.C. Evenoff, John H. Garo, Phil E. Griesemer, Charles Reid, Léopold-Emile Reutlinger, Corydon G. Snyder, James E. Taggart, William H. Zerbe

ArtistHarry Stacey Benton, Unknown

CountryUnited States, France

MediumPhotogravure: Text, Silver Chloride, Halftone: Tinted, Wood Engraving: Multiple Color, Lithograph

JournalThe Photographic Times-Bulletin 1904

EphemeraAdvertising Matter

AtelierJohn Andrew & Son (Boston), Unknown, Styles & Cash (New York)


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This online presentation of The Photographic Times-Bulletin for 1904 includes all monthly special frontis plates which were either hand-pulled photogravures by the atelier John Andrew & Son of Boston, or in the case of the May issue, an actual Kodak Velvet-Velox photographic print. August is represented by a tinted halftone plate by photographer William Zerbe while the only missing supplement is for June: an unknown type of reproduction photograph that was tipped to black art paper by photographer Maximilian Toch and titled The Fire-fly.

The Photographic Times-Bulletin: 1904

Charles ReidCats Cradle

The Photographic Times-Bulletin: 1904

J.H.C. EvenoffThe Violinist

The Photographic Times-Bulletin: 1904

James E. TaggartThe Lesson

The Photographic Times-Bulletin: 1904

Phil E. GriesemerChild Study

The Photographic Times-Bulletin: 1904

Corydon G. SnyderBeauty