Cover Design: Camera Craft Magazine


CountryUnited States

MediumLetterpress, Wood Engraving: Multiple Color

JournalCamera Craft



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California, Illustration, Journal Cover, Photography


Support Dimensions: 26.5 x 17.5 cm cover

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Priced at 15¢ a copy, this is a representative cover for Camera Craft from January, 1922. This cover design by an unknown artist first debuted with the January 1913 issue and featured a simple illustration of a plate camera shown in profile (lens board on right side) with dark cloth draped at center and bulb shutter release cable hanging down. This design lasted through the June, 1923 issue and was replaced with illustrations of architectural landmarks, notable western scenery and other thematic drawings done by San Francisco artist W.R. Potter through the September, 1924 issue.


Camera Craft magazine was a monthly photographic journal published in San Francisco, California between May, 1900 & March, 1942.

Cover Design: Camera Craft Magazine