Summer, Lake Ontario

Summer, Lake Ontario

This photograph possibly exhibited as Breezy Summer, Lake Ontario in 1913 during the Fifty-eighth Annual Exhibition of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain. At the time, Elliott was living at 31 Wilcox Street in Toronto, Canada.

The following poem by Alice Elliot appears full-page opposite this photograph by Nichol Elliot, Summer, Lake Ontario:

The Wavelets on the Shore.

IN laugh of light on wavelet dance aglint,
These lucid, crested curves of witchery,
That spread and sparkle ‘neath the windy sky
In winsomeness of frolic line and tint,
Delight the eye, and lift the soul with hint
Of what in Nature’s hidden heart must lie
To breathe about us here so endlessly
A living loveliness that knows no stint.

Man moves ‘mid wave on wave of viewlessness
That through him, spirit-like with spirit, sweep
And ever on their course unswerving keep,
As buoyant vessels havenward progress,
While, wafting Life to goal beyond our view,
Love’s waves eternal stream all Being through.

Summer, Lake Ontario

Image Dimensions12.6 x 17.3 | 13.1 x 18.0 cm glued along upper margin

Support Dimensions19.0 x 24.8 cm